Leadership equals sales in the spa.  It is up to your spa management team to gleefully squeeze success out of every team member in a fashion that is, win/win. The late sales great, Zig Ziglar defined leadership as, “Getting the things that you want done carried out by other people because they want to.” In the spa we often see lack luster sales. So much of this retail sales drain can be attributed to leadership lacking in the tools it takes to continually motivate the staff. Cooperation happens over time. While spa directors want staff to produce to enhance the bottom line, the approach must be about the individual contributor and not the spa.

Enter Ziglar and a basic formula for leadership. Zig promoted getting cooperation from employees in DOSES.Chart depicting the leadership style of transformational leaders

  • Dynamic. Leaders who are dynamic understand that they need fluidity in their style of leadership to appeal to everyone on the team. This ability to quickly change course or to change management style is crucial both to withstand the storms and bounce back with the tides.
  • Organized. Organized leaders carefully plan and present when the time is right. Communication is clear and concise. Follow up is brief and to the points. Fact checking before launching new ideas is streamlined and observant of current company culture.
  • Sensitive. Real leaders realize that they can’t possibly have all of the answers. Staff input is essential. Seeking outside help as a tool is introduced transparently so no one is threatened and all team members are committed to growth.
  • Effective. Displaying empathy and enjoy looking at things from the perspective of others. Top performers execute their plan rather than letting it become a theoretical construct. Leaders expect results and transfer that enthusiasm to their team.
  • Strong-Willed. Successful leaders are firm but fair. Everyone has an opinion and those opinions are worth listening to. Leaders take that and other information and pass it through a foundational filter of vision and mission.

Getting your team to follow you also boils down to character. Are you willing to do everything your staff is expected to do? Can you do these things better or equally well as your co-workers can? Leadership requires hard work, discipline and self-motivation. Get in front of the pack and start earning long lasting relationships with your team to ensure operational and financial success.

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