shutterstock_148116878Always be prepared for a media crisis. Unexpected and very bad things can happen to any business, and spas are no exception. Assuming you don’t bring them on yourself, you can’t always keep them from happening—but you can control how you respond. Have a crisis plan in place so you can refer to it in a hurry. Without one, you could fumble under the pressure, doing swift and severe damage to your brand image.

A media mishap does not need to mean the demise of your brand—as long as you know what to do when one occurs. There’s not much you can do about a bad review aside from generating some good publicity to counteract it and, of course, proving the reviewer wrong with each and every customer who comes in your door. But when things go really terribly—say a product bought at your store or a particular treatment caused a serious illness in a customer—you need to plan how you’ll react. Read full story.

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