shutterstock_102679805Displays are the heart and soul of visual merchandising; their role is to present the merchandise to the shopper. Just as someone introduced at a party with a flattering comment is much more interesting than the boring standard, “This is Bob” introduction, so too are products presented in unique and flattering manners. Similar to a party introduction where we always hear the merits or the name of the person we are being introduced to and then begin to analyze the individual according his introduction, the first thing the customer sees in a store is the display of products; the products themselves are actually seen second. Displays set sections of merchandise apart from the rest of the store’s products by arranging a selection of products in a grouping that is set off from the rest of the store with its arrangement, lighting, props and shelf talker cards. These introductions have an enormous impact on the products themselves and on the shopper faced with many other product choices. The ways that displays impact consumers can be broken down into ten easy categories. Read full story.

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