We love this big, delicious and juicy word. Minton can create just about anything necessary for a truly unique approach to your business model and design. Imagine your signature brand of skin care, aromatherapy, body care, health-focused beverage, gift collection, spa wearables or spa water. Because Melinda Minton is a nose and certified herbalist the options are endless in the realm of fragrance. Need a location that is Leed certified in a unique location? We can do that. How about a team of trained professionals to bring that magical individual care to the valued guest ? No problem. In fact, we can bring a custom build out any type of property or facility. We invite you to contact our team to review how we can take your vision and brand identity to that space that many wouldn’t dare to go. Want to add a restaurant, well hotel, fitness facility, advanced water systems or a residential component? We have done it all—just bring your confidential ideas and let us create your success story.