Minton assists with a variety of “marriages” in the professional product realm. Virtually any imaginable arrangement can be specifically set into action. Some examples are getting a professional beauty product into a salon or spa distributor that sells only to licensed professionals. International distributors may be contracted. We oftentimes set up sales teams, pay structures for sales teams and create an entire online available training, motivational and tracking systems for sales teams. As a part of this type of arrangement we typically create training systems, service marked therapies, licensing programs, HR packets and sales management protocols.

Types of Distributors and Regions:


This type of distributor has a large clientele that we encourage them to sell to in a focused sense. We are very selective in ultimate doors that will sell your product and distributor sales staff are educated on this. While these distributors have very large lists of facilities they call upon or in some way service, we do not like to sell to salon only venues. These distributors will be both chains and regional chains. It is very difficult to get the attention en masse of these companies and we have contacts who will listen, sign contracts and ultimately sell through to the appropriate end clients.

Spa Distributors

Day spas, of course, make up roughly 78% of all spas in North America; however, placement in resort or club spas can get media and day spa attention as well as spark interest in using your products in tandem with treatment modalities born in a resort setting. Resorts don’t sell as much per treatment or per visit at all but they do give your line legs because customers visiting a hotel or resort spa will often bring word of their favorite treatment or product home to their home city day spa.


Gift distributors are more powerful as a category than they may seem. The gift genre expands your reach demographically and captures those who may not go to a spa. Further, gift sales add to holiday sales as well as geographically add to “high season” sales.


Massage “mostly” distributors reach the segment that you will largely miss with gift and salon/spa and had their roots in catering to individual practitioners. These distributors come with the endorsement often of the massage team at spas. Having said that, massage distributors also get into the best known spas and resorts while also enjoying a presence in club and fitness spas.

Fitness & Wellness

A long time consulting firm to fitness facilities, wellness centers and hybrids of these genres, Minton is well versed in classic to cutting edge products in this category. Distributors have looked to us over the years to develop a balanced selection in the lines that they carry. Similarly Minton works closely with wellness facilities to coach their leadership in product and equipment selection.

Our Reach

We work with about 250 distributors in North America. A part of what we do very well is to select distributors that match lines and vice versa. We break the US into regions into: NE, SE, Midwest, Pacific, West and South. Canada is broken down somewhat naturally by areas of population always including Quebec (Montreal), Toronto, Vancouver and surrounding areas. We also have distribution channels worldwide and can offer advice for roll out, licensure and sales structures within these different cultural and legal regions.

Contracts with Distributors

We have domestic and international contracts that we are comfortable using because they seem to cover all of the possibilities that might occur. We assist with negotiating these agreements because we know the distributors and their ways of conducting business and we have your priorities in mind. If you have corporate counsel we invite their input in any way that is preferred.