FixMyCompany1-150x150Are you the primary force driving your brand’s success? Do you work long days, nights and weekends only to worry about which members will show and who will go? Are you living on a payroll panic of making to the next month or quarter with very little to put back into the business? Do you know that you have inefficiencies in your spa but don’t know how to cut the cancer out of your business? Are you folding laundry in your hydrotherapy room? Are you dusting your retail or are you prescribing it? Are you still wasting money on print ads? Is you software system working for you? Are you a slave to your dream?

FixMyCompany2-150x150You know what lies in the inner sanctums of your sanctuary and we do too. Fix it now! It isn’t going to get better on its own. If you don’t manage your machine it and your staff will manage you. Find out in easy, manageable, affordable steps how to take charge of your business, fix your payroll and staffing dilemmas, sell retail and up sell service, pre-book, tap into unrealized profits and fully utilize your treatment rooms, facility and staff. Don’t continue to settle for expensive flown in filets of spa bites, learn to fish. By now you know the definition of insanity because you are living in it. Let us get you on track today.