Whether you are stuck in non-growth mode, highly functioning and ready to expand or just starting up, Minton brings to the drawing board a plethora of experience, knowledge, resources and a history of success.

RoadMap1-150x150Start-ups: We have opened hundreds of spas over the years with a stellar rate of success. Allow us to guide you through all of the items it will take to make your brand cohesive, implement systems from the start for longevity and create a protocol model and retail presence that will make your facility stand out from the crowd. With the latest in industry data and regional demographics we can execute an original business plan, secure funding and make your vision a successful reality in a matter of months. From start-up to completion we will guide you to growth, profitability and systems that work. Do it right the first time!

RoadMap2-150x150Expansion or Franchising: Deciding to franchise or to simply expand regionally or nationally with company owned locations is as easy as 1-2-3. We have done a lot of both. Allow us to carefully lay out your options. The benefits of scale fit both models but expanding without an accurate projection for growth is foolhardy. Working internationally? We do that as well. Licensing your protocols and service marks is another consideration. We can draw up your franchise circular, expansion plan or targeted strategy for growth so that your next steps are clear, smart and easy to implement. As well, allow us to create opportunities in your expansion by inserting time management, systems of conduct and selling regimens that are second nature to your staff and measurable for management. If you are ready to grow call us.

RoadMap3-150x150Renovation: Is your menu stale? Are your rooms as worn out as your marketing strategy? Do you have dead space that could stand some rethinking? “Tear down that wall,” Madame Spa Director. Let us quickly assess your financials, floor plan, marketing, operations and overall effectiveness while renewing your brand, look and management strategy. Work flow and facility efficiency, sales, customer service and treatment protocols are all a part of this facility face lift. It won’t change if you don’t change it. Allow us to bring out your untapped opportunities for growth and profitability right now.